narrowing down

crisis in some countries let others flourish, by being re-colonised as new tourist spots, cheaper than already damaged Mallorcas and Teneriffas. in order to commemorate 1,000 years of existence, Hanoi has decided that its overcrowded tube dwellings need to be aerated. lots of narrow eclectic mini-high-rise buildings are to be demolished, since tourism arrives all of a sudden, and the city tries its best to assume it.

medieval times started these structures, French art-deco embellished, socialists fragmented, and vegetation beautifully eroded them. trying to readjust to the time being, each of these organisms has mutated, far beyond any regulation, by adding, removing, cantilevering or covering processes.

paradoxically, some of the home countries of the re-colonizers seem to force a reinterpretation of the “Narrow” in their cities, to recover a lost medieval ambiance. amongst them, berlin’s official plans for some blocks in the city centre, which copy a pastiche townhouse style of narrow properties.


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