barefoot in the park

[night dancing in Shanghai’s Xujiahui Park]

Far beyond closing parks at night in a safety paranoia, some Asian cities are used to have their citizens gather around late in the evening or early in the morning for dancing. Either for the sake of gymnastics, for social meeting, or flirting, the result is a surprisingly interactive use of open spaces.

The most two common versions are dancing with a partner, who might change with the next song, or the choreography group following a fit Madonna/MichaelJackson-like leader’s movements. Sometimes the music is brought by any of the dancers himself, other times by any informal organizer.

Reported cases so far>  Shanghai’s  XuJiaHui Park, Hanoi’s Lenin Park, HoChiMinh City’s Gia Dinh Park, Phnom Penh’s Hun Sen Park, and Kuala Lumpur’s Subang Jaya.

[couple-dancing at Lenin Park, Hanoi, Vietnam] Picture by AllTheDumbThings

[group-dancing at Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]


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