a room with a view

how much does a balcony in Madrid cost?

8 neighbourhoods in downtown were researched in 2008.


from the intricate medieval urban fabric to the rational modern Extension, there is a wide range of housing typologies depending on its courtyards. from some deepest apartments (3 metres of façade x 20 metres depth) to the brightest (50 metres of façade x 6 metres depth).

Apart from showing the trilateral relationship euros/m2/balconies, conclusions led to question the relevance of the Address as well.

In the wealthiest areas [with wide promenades], price did not exceedingly depend in the amount of balconies, but the ZIP code counted; makes one dream of windowless bunker-buildings along every block… Meanwhile, in the most economic areas [with tight streets], balcony was The Luxury. Could buildings turn into an explosion of micro-openings, so that apartments would be filled with virtual balconies along inner corridors?


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