optimal roof-use

[Image> Row Houses at the rooftop of a 10-story shopping mall in Jakarta, from hellomister]

Hard to distinguish at google-maps satellite view, roofs reinvent themselves towards mixed-use buildings. A symbiosis, which camouflage communities, such as the one in the picture above. Aiming the most efficient land use, real estate developers come up with new follies à la Cedric Price, by overlaying diverse functions one above the other.

“In cities like Istanbul, Jakarta or SaoPaulo, […] because of the absence of public infrastructure, communities develop their own self-contained cities, the rich in the form of luxurious enclaves, the poor by occupying land and building gececondos, kampongs or favelas.” [Kees Christiaanse for Open City-IABR 2010]

The formal version of the informal rooftop squat communities documented in HongKong by Rufina Wu (described in an earlier post).

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