holy lift

“Shabbat elevator, refers to a practice in major Jewish centers like New York City, Baltimore, and Boston of programming one or more elevators in a building to stop at every floor. The system allows practicing Jews to abstain from operating electric switches on the Shabbat, a violation of Jewish Law, thus enabling them to live in modern, high-rise buildings”, according to Interboro (Armborst, D’Oca and Theodore), describing tools for Inclusion/Exclusion towards an Open City (IABR).

Providing that the condo has a mixed variety of dwellers, as in many reported cases, some neighbours will be also obliged to enjoy(?) everlasting vertical journeys on Saturdays.

This religiousness in elevators reminds me of the Pater Noster lift, invented in late 19th century London, where (Jewish and non-Jewish) users could step in or out at every floor by means of an open cabin. The Christian name comes from the resemblance of its constant looping cabins to the beads of a rosary.

[image above> shabbath elevator by labellekel]

[image below> pater noster elevator by dartfordarchive]

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