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[Image> from Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park, Saigon, Vietnam]

The Buddha version of Disneyland in Vietnam is one of the 5 Asian theme parks selected by CNN in an article featuring entertainment bizarreness. Together with the erotic Love Land Theme Park in South Korea (Chonqing, China currently planning another one), Bruce Lee Theme Park in HongKong, and Hello Kitty and Namco Video games in Tokyo.

Entertainment industry may have exceedingly evolved with time; however, its landscaping and marketing seem invariable all over the world, all over the decades. I wonder whether tastes have really then changed.

Comparing the representation of Saigon’s paraphernalia with the recent world largest Skatepark in Shanghai, it seems that it could be the same place, if one forgets some Pantone palettes and a couple of Zaha Hadid graphic touches.

[Image> SuoiTien Cultural Theme Park Saigon, Vietnam vs. SMP Skatepark shanghai, China]

Zoos are also timeless. Despite a lot of efforts from ecologists to find a balance between displaying animals to public mass and caging, most reproduced environments still show fantasy worlds with similar features of surreality, in their graphical representations.

[Image> Zooplan of Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1859 from FRonline]

[Image> Zoomap of Himeji, Japan 2003 from alexquinn]

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