my house is a carousel

In ONE WEEK (1920), Buster Keaton accidentally re-composed a house, creating an exaggerated version of an architecture that could accommodate diverse spatial uses in close proximity.

One could also dream of an IKEA really providing such magic spaces for a playful way of life: inaccessible main door, revolving walls, handrails as ladders, textile floorslabs, houses turned into a trailer, into a carousel…

…almost Fairytale Houses, for Little Red Riding Hood, for Cinderella,…as Izaskun Chinchilla would visualize them.

Far beyond the aesthetics of the amazing resulting piece, even compared to Gehry’s house, 83 years later the Office of Socially Engaged Architecture (offsea) proposed a DIY-ed system based on Keaton’s follies; in a cocktail together with Neufert’s most boring standards, Tessenow’s most logic construction and Debord’s most poetic dérives.

By criticizing and rethinking the suburban detached house, they urged architecture to devise new methodologies and design strategies to meet contemporary needs. While reinterpreting participatory models of the 1960s and 1970s, offsea keeps on researching how everyday situations, habits and rituals inform and redefine domestic architecture and how space could be more responsive to these.

“The postponed meeting of Neufert, Tessenow and Buster Keaton; Situationism 2003” by OFFSEA.

[Image> europan 7 graz] [Source> CRD brighton] [watch One Week in youtube]

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