blurring walls

Enabling negotiation as a planning tool, allows this Internet-based strategy to provide more interactive environments between neighbours.

Negotiate my boundary! is a project by RAMTV from 2002, which gives dwellers enough power to decide the kind of relationship they might like to have with the person living next door. The Threshold is therefore rethought towards an ergonomic and communicative device. One could design his own intimacy level, by means of the software provided in the website: from a BigBrother-like openness to the most enclosed cocoon.

Far beyond the physical experience of Share your space, they also introduced the Make your home public events. Each dweller can advertise his apartment as an open public restaurant for a few hours a week, as well as a cinema or exhibition photo-gallery.

This social movement of turning one’s home into an informal open restaurant for a few hours, is spreading all over London. The Movable Restaurant organises a weekly dinner changing location every time; Marmite Lover ranges thematic country cuisine at every dinner; The Secret Ingredient; Saltoun Supper Club… In London they are called Underground restaurants, in the US Supper Clubs and in Cuba Paladares. A mix of social interaction and extra earnings out of one’s cooking hobbies.

Berlin has another version: one has to get inscribed in a mailing-list and the organizers will group people together in small teams. The initiative is to have breakfast at one house, lunch in a different one, with different companions, and dinner in a third place with new people again. Final party/meeting at a certain bar to share the experience of the day all together.

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