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saturday afternoon in shanghai and it rains cats and dogs.

hundreds of people head to IKEA, but buying something is more an accident than the real aim. Nowadays, when home ownership in China is boosting, interior design malls are becoming the theme-parks for entertainment: heating, soft seats, free soda refill and dreams of a modern house. Apart from potential buyers, the upper floor with the showroom, is packed with teenager couples hanging out together or elderly chatting in small groups. small alleys in the city and their social function are then replaced by the alley-labyrinth marked by Swedish marketing.

Pictures are taken everywhere, from girls posing among loads of teddy bears or in shiny red kitchens, to men dreaming of an American-like office space. Others just photograph fully decorated living-rooms to gather ideas of how to distribute pictures in their own walls at home. Meanwhile, the lower floor, with shelves with simple items on display does not succeed that much. If upstairs is a terribly low procession through an arts and crafts contemporary museum, downstairs is a much emptier supermarket.

[All images at IKEA shanghai, china by deconcrete 2010]

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