the bigger the better


– the 5 largest shopping malls on earth

– 2 of the 3 longest bridges

– 5 of the world’s 10 tallest buildings

– the world’s new largest urban plaza

– the largest dam

– the biggest gated community

– the world’s most extensive national highway network (to be completed)

– the world’s highest rail line

– the world’s longest, largest bus

– the biggest airport terminal

– the largest bowling alley

– the biggest tennis complex

– the most expansive golf course

– the largest skateboard park

– the world’s largest lamp

– the biggest Buddhas on earth

– the world’s largest dragon

– the world’s largest McDonald’s

– more housing built in 25 years than any nation in history

– more migrants to cities in 25 years than the entire population of the US

[Source> J.T. Campanella’s The Concrete Dragon] [Guzhen’s lamp from bldgblog] [largest bus from timw]

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