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The only Chinese settlement allowed in British territory in HongKong was the over-saturated Kowloon walled city, once the most dense place of the planet.

Before its destruction in 1993, a Japanese team could map informal housing inside this amazing maze, drawing a cross-section of this squatting paradise.

Chinese authorities could not but beg local mafias not to build over 15 floors. Brothels, opium smoking rooms, illegal hospitals and trashy eateries led to another conventional Chinese-style public park today, once all dwellers were evicted.

[Images 1,2> Kowloon walled city cross section via Zoohaus] [Images 3,4> views before destruction in 1993-94 by Ian Lambot via der Spiegel] [Image 5> current Kowloon city Park from googlemaps]


  1. alvaro

    colega, que dibujo/seccion mas increible..no?

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  5. Guillermo Dochao Naveira

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Guillermo Dochao Naveira and I’m an architecture and engineering student at the University of Sheffield.

    I am currently writing an essay for “Scroope”, the Cambridge University journal for the Architecture Department.

    In my essay I make a reference to the Kowloon Walled City (as an extreme example of dense urbanization).

    I am writing this email to ask for permission to use the aerial photo of the Kowloon Walled City, as a visual example for what is written in the essay. “deconcrete” would be recognized and thanked for in the journal. I hope it is not a problem to give me this permission; the photo is a perfect example for my essay.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,
    Guillermo Dochao Naveira

    • daniel

      Guillermo, thank you very much for your interest! But as it is hyperlinked above, pictures 3 & 4 were found in Der Spiegel website.

  6. bEN

    Sure thing Guillermo,
    Next time don’t take that long vacation to florida, or you will get that flu you have been dreading. Well I guess that is not a big deal but whatever, wait… remember that time you went to Ohio with your good friends patricia and marguerite, good times man good times. Good luck on that theory you are working on.

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  8. joarnot

    Your message

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