place, nonplace, displacement

Chaos has the power to turn airports into dormitories.

Under recent volcanic ash cloud, main airports, such as Frankfurt or Amsterdam, have installed temporary beds along their non-place transit terminals. Marc Augé likes it or not, Mobility Temples are now really inhabited and dwelt. If World War II changed museums into hospitals, current emergency situation tries to cope with displacement: the contemporary global disease.

Tent-Cities need to appear in case of war refugee camps and hurricane/earthquake temporary dwelling; but also, people may force themselves to inhabit such settlements for electronic music or religious pilgrimage: a matter of fervour in either military-like planning or spontaneous unplannedness.

…in the fields all around, as far as the eye could see, there were people of all social classes lying together, nobles and beggars, matrons of once stately households and peasant women, civil servants and day laborers, monks and nuns: all commiserating with each other, helping each other, cheerfully sharing the little of life’s necessities they’d been able to salvage… [Heinrich von Keist: the earthquake in Chile]

[image1> frankfurt airport temporary bed-scape by efe] [image2> temporary bed settlement in rome for viewing the body of Pope JohnPaul II by marco di lauro via life] [image3>kumbha mela pilgrimage temporary tent city india via sacredsites ] [image4> katrina emergency tent city via katrina destruction] [image5> tent city in Turkey after 1999 earthquake via slate] [image6>camp site Mount Fuji music festival in tokyo by northern continent]

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