Madrid is dismantling its chabola-settlements (Spanish favelas).

Although having only an average of 50-200 dwellers, each settlement struggles to survive on the urban-rural fringe. Based on recycling, food & retail informal sales, or drug-dealing activities, their dwellers are being relocated into new social housing blocks, as part of the official plan for eradication of chabolas.

With an eye on the Olympics candidate city, madrid’s social workers are giving protocol lessons about how to live and behave in a vertical formal housing community:

*do not dance and hand-clap during flamenco-singing at home, in the early morning.

*do not tear down structural walls.

*do not trick electricity meters.

*do not set up any laundry hangers or A/C in the façade

*do not throw away buckets of water from the window to the street

*do not use collective space to storage personal items

…The social working therapy should rather start by the architect himself, when planning their homes…

[image1> dismantling Las Mimbreras via el mundo] [image2>map of chabola-settlements in madrid by espormadrid] [images3&4> dismantling El Cañaveral via espormadrid] [image5> dismantling Santa Catalina by alvaro garcia via el pais]

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