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“Don’t go outside wearing pyjamas, be a World Expo civilised person”

Apart from the largest metro extension ever built in the world and many new pedestrian-friendly public spaces, Shanghai will also inherit a social burden with the Expo 2010. Before Maoist period, two kinds of citizens used to wear pyjamas in the street: rich foreigners showing off their leisurely lifestyle and happy people to display their entertainment.

During communist times, the habit of wearing pyjamas broadened to everyone. Because of tiny dwellings, residents needed to expand their living environment to the outdoor space, and it was a simple practical matter not to change clothes just to go to the public toilet or to the nearby market. The whole city was conceived as one’s own living room.

However, authorities and some Shanghainese, seem to be ashamed of this peculiar habit of the city, and officially it was recently banned. Justin Guariglia documented this comfortable everyday lifestyle, just in case it does never come back after the civilising Expo. Luckily, local controls seem to be more worried about other issues than chasing clothing trends.

[images> Shanghai pyjamas by Justin Guariglia in Planet Shanhai]

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