fiction mountains

Could a viewing platform be built around a pre-existing suburban housing settlement?

The society of spectacle led to the very pure form of a model-homes showroom, by building fiction the other way around. An abandoned baseball stadium in Osaka was turned in the late 1990s into a Real Estate fair of one-family homes. Next step was to turn this imagined world of commercial housing into a fake green mountain, housing a commercial centre.

Namba Parks was the greenyfied answer to end with the temporally dreamt utopia. An artificial mountain of overlapping bridges, footbridges and terraced consumption. In a way, analog to the underground consumption city to which some metro stations have evolved, such as Shibuya in Tokyo.

If ones grow upwards, the others expand deeper and deeper to the centre of the Earth; the former add soil into the air, the latter add air after extracting soil.

[image1>abandoned osaka stadium via mellowmonk] [image2> namba parks in osaka via halbstark] [image3> diagram of Shibuya Metro Station in Tokyo via tywkiwdbi]


  1. i remember those tokyo metro maps from some years ago in soriano’s class!!!
    dani! te sigo a diario! un beso desde los madriles!!!

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