what happens in vegas

In 1968 Venturi and Scott-Brown did for Las Vegas what Giambattista Nolli did for Rome in 1748: they revealed the essence of a city by mapping it in a new way.” Rustam Mehta and Thomas Moran have made a new reading of the mega-casino in their essay Casino City State for latest issue on Monu Magazine. Analyzing diverse visitors maps of Las Vegas gambling paradises, they suggest that mega-casino’s true ambition is to be rather a city than a big hotel.

Providing blurred boundaries, omissions of clear main entrances, organic building perimeter, countless facilities & services, transport facilities, artificially controlled eco-system and weather…mega-casinos function as city-planners offering all kind of dreams that the conventional city does not provide.

what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

[images 1,3&4> Visitor maps of Caesars Palace, MGM & Bellagio casinos in Las Vegas via vegas casino info] [image2> Nolli map of public space Rome 1748 via the blue room] [images 6,7,8&9> interiors of Eiffel, Flamingo, Bellagio and Venetian in Las Vegas by deconcrete2007]

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