realising landscapes

dreaming of everyday lives in impossible landscapes is the task of thomas wrede. Real Landscapes is a series of photographs, which need to be named as Real. This can make us think that these landscapes do really exist, not being a result of photoshop; but also, that landscape concept can be fulfilled by imagining a human coexistence in intricate background, otherwise impossible.

on the other hand, real landscapes may also be urban, like the ones proposed by guerrilla activists Rugwind: the guerrilla bench. If the Wreder’s images reclaim humanity into nature, Rugwind propose humans to experience their environment more naturally. Making the impossible possible, and the ordinary extraordinary, they turned a power box into a sitting corner, which may appear or disappear, according to landscape conditions…

[images1&2> real landscapes by thomas wrede] [image3> series of the guerrilla bench by via designboom]

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