shanzhai trompe-l’oeil

In Ancient China, Shanzhai was a term designating warlord holdouts that were outside government control. But today shanzhai refers to any knock-off product outside government regulations, something hilariously unprofessional, home-made, on the fringe of intellectual property rights. This is generating a parallel copy-paste city of virtual optic effects, where one needs to be cautious all around in case a sudden trompe-l’oeil (one of my favourite Spanish words: trampantojo) appears:

Kentucky Fried ChickenVs. KFG, female KFC, MFC, FBC, CKF;

McDonald’s vs. oMcDnoald’s; vs.; SONY vs. SQNY; NIKE vs. IVIKE; iPhone vs. HiPhone…

[image sources> shanzhai phenomena via chinasmack, chinadaily, chinahush and chinahush]

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  1. Lockenkopf

    I love your posts Mr. Daniel, it is the inspiration of my every day life. Please continue unvealing the mysteries of everyday urbanism with or without architecture

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