amusing vagueness: seoul series I

Guy Debord wrote in 1955 about a friend of his having just traveled through the Harz region in Germany, by means of a map of the city of London, whose directions he had blindly followed. [tom mcdonough editing the situationists and the city]

so tomorrow, i’ve decided to flyxperiment to southkorean Seoul and start a 5 day-series of dérive explorations, (un)guided by a map of Shanghai (fully in Chinese). i have no referent of its form, but that both cities have a sort of a main river meeting a smaller one. someone told me that shanghai lacks of a huge mountain in downtown. maybe shanghai turns mountaineous, maybe seoul finds its dreamt urban grid. no idea where to go, to sleep or to eat. but i have a small bag as luggage and loads of excitement with me.

has the day already arrived when some cities are built for dérive, as Debord predicted? next 5 posts, hopefully, from somewhere in seoul.

psychogeographies to be continued…

[image> Vinland map, 1434 AC. speculated version of America’s discovery occurring before Columbus’s expedition in 1492 AC via bnl]

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