seoul series II

Arrived in Seoul. An endless railway bridge crosses from the airport island to mainland peninsula. the left side of my ride is an esplanade of mud, whereas sea water covers the right side landscape.  there is time to imagine flooding and emptying cities with water.

The first journey of the series starts with Shanghai’s map.  i draw every movement on my spontaneous itinerary into it. but after a whole day of virtual abstractions, it does not make sense any more for me. sorry, Debord, but this situationist strategy n.1 forces me to an unpleasant derive. so i decide to give it up, and shift to strategy n.2> being guided by other derivators or citizens that I just intituively  follow.

I choose my prey, follow it,  I can even smell it in short distance, and afterwards discard it until either I find something interesting or I loose it in a crowd. some go into buildings, others meet people, others seem too lost…

This strategy is going to produce a graphic linear map of the city, out of the situations I experience, directly related to a specific time. north, south, east and west do not count any more; but references are only visual instead of linking portions of the city. a sort of conceptually moving city, as ancient Mayas did along the Mexican jungle, discarding what has been left behind.

found situations:

* a golf course covering a parking. the oblique net allows balls return back to players and works as shadowing for cars. 

* Women’s University: a whole neighbourhood oriented to female cultural, commercial and services consumption. 

* non-democratic subway system: instead of a flat-rate, the price of the ticket depends on the amount of stations, making me decide the end of the journey before entering the train. (in case i am legal!)

* French antiques neighbourhood: it seems to be a fever consumption of 19th century bombastic furniture.

* hyper-abundance of Christian churches. I start to wonder, whether the amazingly status of development in this rich Korean society is leading to an increasing soul emptiness; the built form of pure loneliness.

fear of the day> where to sleep. i haven’t seen an economic hotel in the whole day. a girl i ask in a nice cafe offers me to sleep at her place in an extra room. i go with her, we derive together, and after 15 minutes of impossible conversation Lee wants to charge me 80 euros. Just similar to another couple of sex-motels I have tried, so after 3 hours of failed attempts it is time to assume it and go into an Internet basement to find a place before midnight.

once settled, i meet another derivator, who virtually takes me to his favourite club in Seoul. he tells me of a night spent at this top exclusive place, which charge 500 US$ only for the cover. but as he explains, the good part is that you can even go with only one friend (probably one can go there alone) and feel like in a private party. the club has dozens of rooms, where they provide girls you choose, to dance there; neither prostitutes nor gogo dancers; just normal people having a drink in your lonely private party.

so decided, every day I am trying different situationist strategies in my drawing of a graphic linear map of Seoul, out of time moments.

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