ad flood

Poetically, Lord Byron suggested that the bridge where prisoners should take their last glance at the outside world before execution could be renamed as the Bridge of Sighs. However, its dense stone-lattices in its two windows almost prevented them from seeing anything, just exactly as the huge billboards that Venice resigned herself to install last year in every restorating façade.

The marketing-city par excellence has already closed 10 out of her 100 churches, since public budget does not meet the vast amount of renovation needs. As a result, hordes of visitors are also resigned to experience the decaying monuments as former victims from Inquisition walking through the Bridge of Sighs used to; through the most rancid way of attracting investment.

No matter if the city sinks or not. We won’t notice. Floating billboards can remain over the water surface.

[image1> view from the Bridge of Sighs by phileusfogg] [images 2-4> Venice advertising via unbound edition] [image5> Venice billboard by sarasculli]

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