Benidorm is the Manhattan of Spain. Having experienced its flash development à la Chinese since the 1960s tourist boom, it is one of the largest and most compact accumulation of high-rise in the Mediterranean coasts. Spain’s boom relying on real estate speculation during last decades has led to its current crisis. millions of empty apartments await now for tourists who cannot afford going on summer-holidays any more, dreaming that North European snowbirds, tired of such massive careless tourism, would dare to come back again.

Coastline destruction is a fact in Spain, nurtured by corrupted local governors and investors hungry for business. but i always wonder, whether extremely dense Benidorm is in fact more sustainable in terms of land consuming, than neighbouring towns with spreading disperse middle-rise towers… anyway, Greenpeace reports that more care should be taken in flash urbanisms so that a piece of natural coast might at least be still recognisable in the future, and keep on demolishing former developments which, from their very beginning, were breaching the Spanish Coastal Law.

[images 1-5> Benidorm – Marbella – Gibraltar – Mallorca – Oropesa. Before and After tourist boom, all by Greenpeace via el pais] [image 6>La Manga via lugares naturistas]

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