Berlin finds its tricks to enhance entertainment. Edgy party clubs have been traditionally using the legal formula of the e.V. (association) to avoid paying taxes as a registered business, since they are, conceptually and physically, rather informal gatherings of people simply eager to enjoy.

Mauerpark is one of the hundreds of examples in the city, where the informal among the informal pops up. If 10 years ago a group of neighbours decided to found the Mauerpark e.V. in order to activate this former piece of Berlin NoMan’s Land, today it is one of the most vivid Sunday corners of the city. Just providing spaces for  meeting, this bottom-up urban governance team have left citizens free space for their spontaneous activities, such as weekly hero Joe Hatchiban and his open-air mobile bike-karaoke. A mix of freak-show and dream of fame, where a bike, a sun-protector and two speakers add an excuse for flanierenden Sundays.

[all images> open-air karaoke and hairdresser’s at mauerpark berlin. stills from reportage by der spiegel]

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