stone embraces

Broken Embraces is last Almodóvar’s movie from 2009. But far from several disappointing forced dialogues, there are some scenes shot in a magical landscape consisting also of broken embraces.

La Geria is a human invention of extracting any possible vitality from the volcanic island of Lanzarote, in the Spanish Canary Islands Archipelago. After last eruptions in the 18th century, local villagers discovered that they could still grow wine-plants underneath the 1-2 metre deep layer of sands and ashes. The witty system involved digging circular inverted cones until touching fertile soil, where planting would be optimal; the black lapilli sands function as humidity stabilisers, helped by a characteristic broken circle of stonework wall, which embraces the wines and protects them from dominant winds.

A non-pedigreed landscape for Bernard Rudofsky…

[all images> La Geria wineplants in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain via postersguide, wikimediacommons, economia urbana, googlemaps]

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