tibetan artifacts

Among intense incense scents and pilgrims, Tibet can also surprise with enlightened non-pedigreed artifacts. Mobile collapsible mirrors can bring enough power to cook in isolated areas for free; by means of two parabolic reflecting surfaces on wheels, a pot can be easily heated under the extremely bright sun of its 4,000-5,000 m highlands.

Another discovery is its traditional compact earth flooring techniques known as Arka, used in monasteries rooftops. Based on an average of 8 member working teams, Arka’s procedure consists of workers compacting the soil with their feet and a special tool; helped by the strong rhythm of their sung melody, they harmonically step on the humid surface everyday during 1 to 2 months, until it becomes a completely even waterproof flat roof covering. The  Tibetan singing terrazo in situ.

[all images> tibetan solar kitchen and compact earth flooring Arka by luis galan]

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