clock(wise) camp

Deserts have no reference points for orientation, and dwelling in them during a music festival can be a whole adventure. How to plan a temporary settlement for 50,000 inexperienced people on a vast sunny flat landscape?

Burning Man Festival organises the camp in a solar-based scheme. Alleys dividing blocks are distributed in concentric circles. Clock-time and degree-based coordinates orient participants and locate theme camps. Main axes occur at each half-hour spoke.

One disoriented festival-goer can look at his watch. It is 2 pm. His projected shadow on the sandy floor extends in one direction. But his tent is located in the 5:30 Alley. Now he knows where to address himself to have a rest from the soaring temperatures….

[image1> aerial view Burning Man Festival camp in Nevada’s Desert via activitylounge] [images2&3> Burning Man 2005 camp map by Lisa Hoffman from HAILEY,C.: Camps – a guide to 21st century space]