shipping through the jungle

Two rivers meet each other in Manaus, the capital of Brazilian Amazonas State: Rio Negro (Black River) and Amazon River. But Rio Negro had such dark waters, that 19th century eccentric rubber barons preferred to send their clothes back to Europe for laundry service.

Extravagance was as unendless as the economical profits that conquistadores made out of the rubber trees. Manaus city boosted as an Opera Capriccio of one of them, who decided to bring Enrico Caruso’s works to the middle of the jungle. This scene is depicted in Werner Herzog’s movie Fitzcarraldo, where one baron succeeds in making a ship cross from one river to another by climbing up and down a 40º hill, by previous deforestation of the area.That’s how the baron’s slaves open a new trade route to revalue unproductive sectors.

Today, Manaus hosts a world-wide referent Opera Festival. But unfortunately, former capitalist follies, which once made the city grow, only perform fantastic journeys on stage.

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[image1> Werner Herzog’s ship through the jungle via coffeewithanarchitect] [image2> Klaus Kinski as Fitzcarraldo via moviecritic] [image3> Rio Negro meets Amazon River via wikipedia]

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