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Usus/Usures explores the wearing down of architecture from a material point of view. An exhibition at the Belgium Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2010 by ROTOR, which shows users’ traces in a generic city.

They collect scratched benches, a prostitute’s waiting corner, eroded granite tiles surrounding an elevator’s button, a worn down door handle, or a hard-to-clean rubber flooring from the subway…

Construction materials go through several phases over the course of their lives […] Consider one of these in particular: the time when the material is subjected to use. When a material is used in the exposed surface of a building, it is gradually transformed by deposits, imprints, scratches and other traces of wear. […] It can no longer be a convenient abstraction […] and must from now on confront the uses and the users who mark and shape its very substance.

The more muddled, the richer.

Worn out urban objects collected by Rotor for the Venice Biennale 2010 [image1> by eric mairiaux] [images2,3,4> by deconcrete2010]

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