I was always fascinated with hybrids such as Zorses, Zonies, Beefalos and Ligers (Zebra+Horse, Zebra+Pony, Beef+Buffalo, Lion+Tiger).

The equivalent in gardening is the grafting technique, consisting, among others, of mixing two different plants in one. My favourite case is grafting potatoes and tomatoes together in the same plant, so that one can grow above ground and the other underground.

In my journey back to my parents’ weekend orchard, i discovered some of my father’s tricks to control plants, towards robot-like trees. Pear trees with steel legs to avoid their overloaded branches break down; young apple trees with tensile structures to widen their branches and make fruit collection easier (bricks hanging from other branches can also work in the same way); or even diverse devices to make plants climb and let the sun brown the fruits… new species of architreecture

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