practical absurdity

Fiction was the only way to give a naive break to the hard reality of Dictator Franco’s Spain around 1940s and 1950s. Professor Franz from Copenhague was an invented characteristic character in national comics, who developed smart no-tech inventions for everyday life. One of the scarce tries to open the country to a European Humanism allowed in the fascist society of that time. The outlandish and eccentric drawings, which I rediscovered in my parents’ bookshelf, depict new folk solutions for an industrial man.

“The Great Invetions of TBO” (Los grandes inventos de TBO) was a compilation of weird devices ranging from mechanism to absurdity, which made one dream of collective umbrellas or hundred ways to optimize energy – sometimes in the most sustainable or even better, the least ecological one!

Threading a simple needle could require a machine as complex and big as one NASA’s computer, but activated with a simple pedal…

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