unfinished emporio

The density of dots representing unfinished architectures in the map of Italy, already shows in itself the complex world of political urbanisms. If Northern part seems to have forgotten only some buildings while constructing them, Southerners have to deal with concrete left-overs too usually.

Alterazionivideo mapped all these abandoned structures, focusing on Sicily ruins, in their project Incompiuto Siciliano. These contemporary ruins result not from the decay of a whole Roman Empire, but from speculative Power and Trading Emporios. Unfinished urban utopias, which might deserve a whole archaeological study of their never-arrived inhabitants, or anthropological studies of missing lifestyles…

“Unfinished projects are the ruins of modernity, monuments born of laissez-faire creative enthusiasm. […] Landmarks in their own way, Incomplete public works radiated out from Sicily to the rest of the peninsula, creating an Unfinished Italy. […]Reinforced concrete is Incompiuto’s constituent material. Its colours and textures are determined by the ageing and weathering of materials. […]The conflict between form and function is resolved. Lack of function becomes a form of art. […] Incompiuto Siciliano is a symbol of political power and artistic sensibility. Unfinished projects are not only the products of architectural talent, but also the nerve-ends of a complex and structured organism. Unfinished projects are born of the union of exuberant Sicilian creativity and the ancestral oratorical skill of these people. This skill has allowed the Sicilians to be conquered – by Greeks, Normans, Turks, Garibaldians – without ever submitting to their conquerors.” [extract from Incompiuto Siciliano Manifesto]

[images 1-5> Unfinished architectures in Sicily as contemporary ruins by Alterazionivideo]

[images 6-9> stills from the recorded process of taking one contemporary ruin from Sicily to the Venice Biennale]

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