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Arqueología del Futuro (Archaelogy of the future: architectural future visions of the past) is Carmelo Rodríguez Cedillo’s blog/archive. As part of his meticulous PhD research, he documents every of these punctual visions of former decades. Since they were mostly not continued in the urban discourse for their infeasibility, he is developing this new discipline of study.

In a recent post, he talks about Do-It-Yourself Domes, often published in Popular Science Magazine; a publication started in 1872, with large number of readers during the 1960s-70s in suburban America. Thanks to many Buckminster Fuller’s projects shown in its pages, every dweller could generate himself a structure covering the swimming-pool, a sun dome, a greenhouse or a countryside shelter.

The Magazine itself, would provide paper cutouts for mock-ups, or even the actual construction drawings delivered to your home for an extra $5 fee.

[images1&2> Popular Science Magazine 1966 via arqueología del futuro] [images3&4> Popular Science Magazine 1972 via arqueología del futuro]

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