trash island

Over 45 million cubic metres of debris were used in Berlin after the World War II to invent artificial hills all around the city, around which appeared diverse Volksparks. These tons of broken bricks were progressively covered with local flora within the years.

Nowadays we also have to deal with the debris of our everyday war: plastic packaging. Waste invades us. Ocean currents make floating bottles gather together in vast patches….

…and humans decide to build upon them. Richie Sowa has built his second floating island by reusing 250,000 gathered plastic bottles as foundations. The Maldives have created the Thilafushi island, which grows 1 m2 a day, as more and more rubbish is damped there. Singapore recycles its waste to make Semakau island be born….

Every State lacking territory needs to grow towards the sea, either in HongKong, Bahrain or Japan. So do the Dutch, planning the touristic resort of the future out of over a 44 million pounds of plastic waste.

thanks, paulo!

^Richie Sowa’s island on plastic bottles via ecoble

^Thilafushi island of waste in the Maldives via InfraNet lab

^Semakau trash island in Singapore via InfraNet lab

^Dutch trash resort island via lotusdunnit

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