real city

Cities are built from wishes and through wishes also experienced. All kinds of wishes, spectacular, phantastic, idealistic and economic, local and global: they link the architectural with the social and the utopic space.

The exhibition REALSTADT (RealCity) – wishes knocking on Reality’s doors are a collection of over 300 models of German cities and the potential of their everyday normality. It is not about exotic metropolis, but about the beliefs of the majority of the German population. The show takes place inside a 1960s abandoned power station of Eastern Berlin, as astonishing as derelict, as marvelous as huge.

Among many of the too conventional and standard examples on display, there are a few outstanding ones, such as the perceptive walkingscape models by Larissa Fassler. Her models of the underground station of AlexanderPlatz or the walking areas of KottbusserTor make one see the invisible city surrounding us, hidden either by car-traffic or simply by earth.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the Public Parliament by Hütten und Paläste (Huts and Palaces). A concept for an utopic public space consisting of overlapping parliament tribunes, open for debate and discussion; a complex amplified version of a Greek agora, for everyday politics.

[images1&2> Alexanderplatz and Kottbusser Tor by Larissa Fassler] [image3> Parlament der Öffentlichkeit by Hüttenundpaläste]

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