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Escultecturas Margivagantes (aka. Marginal extravagant sculptural architectures) is a compilation of fantastic constructions in Spain; a mix of follies with a lot of do-it-yourself and a little bit of naturalism. However, there is a lot to learn from these smart inventions and devices, far beyond their extravagance.

Inteligencias Colectivas is a recently launched research lab seeking for these everyday tricks:

“Every region of the world has its own variety of construction techniques. The coexistence of different degrees of industrialization and development allows the mixing of semi-industrial products with old and enduring techniques that remain valid in non-standard environments […] based in a popular and inherited wisdom, but also revised and combined with a great deal of improvisation in terms of new materials and techniques.”

Among its first archive entries, we can find the fascinating structural elements in Justo Gallego’s self-built oniric cathedral. Not only it is constructed out of recycled and waste materials, but he also invents complex systems from simple available resources. As compiled by Inteligencias Colectivas, he uses a spinning bar to turn wire into springs, which he uses later as a reinforcement for supporting concrete arches.

[source, images & drawings> Justo Gallego’s Structural Spring by Inteligencias Colectivas]

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