new street news

It is always inspiring to discuss daily news with fellows. Chinese communism-inherited neighbourhoods know it because of imposed collective street newspapers. No waste of paper for individually read issues.

In a current era of progressive disappearance of printed press, some projects arise more powerfully, to give new accessibility to another kind of information. The Kreuzberg Boulevard in Berlin is an informal recent poster-based publication about mysterious fiction narratives for pedestrians. NewYork has also started last week with its own:

“The New City Reader is a performance-based editorial residency conceived to take place in the context of The Last Newspaper, an exhibition at the New Museum in New York in fall-winter 2010. It proposes to temporarily transform a portion of the museum’s galleries into an active editorial office combined with forum for discussion. In this space, an editorial team will execute — for the duration of the exhibition and in full view of the public — the entire process of conception, design, and production of a weekly newspaper. This newspaper’s content will derive from a series of discussions, debates, interviews, and research into the spatial implications of epochal shifts presently occurring in the information industry. […] The New City Reader adopts the traditional format of the weekly newspaper, but only in part. Taking inspiration from a custom of hanging entire newspapers on boards in the streets or pasting them on walls in public places so they can be read collectively, this newspaper will be affixed in a multitude of locations around Lower Manhattan.

[image1> Kreuzberg Boulevard in Berlin by deconcrete2010] [source & image2> the New City Reader]

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