fish-farming 2.0

“The world’s growing population is devouring seafood as quickly as it can be caught and has seriously depleted the world’s wild fish stocks, experts warn.”

Nutritionists keep on encouraging the countless healthy properties of adding fish to our daily diet. However, how to deal with the fact of an exhausting oceanic fauna?

“[…] Traditional fish farms typically consist of cages submerged in shallow, calm waters near shore, where they are protected from the weather and easily accessible for feeding and maintenance. But raising fish in such close quarters can contribute to the spread of disease among the animals, and wastes may foul the waters. Cages must be moved to keep the waters clean and the fish healthy. Deepwater cages offer cleaner, more freely circulating ocean water and natural food, which can yield tastier fish. But the deep-sea cages must be built to withstand the rigors of the deep ocean. And because they are harder for humans to access, “smarter,” self-sufficient cages could be key.”

Remote-control Aquapods are being built by a research team from MIT, led by Cliff Goudey, in order to farm fish inside wandering cages. Still propelled by a generator on a boat, the future of these nomad communities is thought to be their conversion to solar power engineering, as a more sustainable way of satifsfying our appetite.

[source&image 1> by Ocean Farm Technologies via National Geographic] [image2> by OceanFarmTech] [images 3&4> Aquapod via Pruned]


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