t-shirtable cities

In the 1970’s American graphic designer Milton Glaser coined the famous slogan “IloveNY” to promote city’s tourism. In 1974, Liverpool-born John Lennon was photographed wearing a New york City T-shirt, proudly expressing his love for the city.

As featured in last issue of Monu Magazine concerning Most Valuable Urbanism, Mika Savela presents his reflections about the most T-shirtable cities in the world. Taking as reference the amount of google hits, his top-100 leading cities are “IloveQuebec-Paris-London-Chicago-NewYork”. At the bottom of the list however, we find “IloveRiyadh-Tallinn-Pyongyang-Reykjavik-Kabul”.

Savela speculates that T-shirtability could help as a popular factor to measure the almost impossible dimension of which city is best to live in, or at least most beloved among its dwellers.

“… It’s about the ubiquitous framework where we associate ourselves with a city”.

[image1> IloveTokyo via NinjaVsPenguin] [image2> Most T-shirtable cities featured in Monu via Mika Savela]

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