christmas tree

Since 1933, a 21-33 m high Christmas tree pops up every year in Rockefeller Center, NewYork. This time,“the 74 foot tree hails from the town of Mahopac (in Putnam County) which is located approximately 50 miles from Manhattan.  This year’s tree, a 75 year old Norway spruce, is going to be especially meaningful since it comes from the yard of 9/11 first responder and firefighter Peter Acton.”

The whole operation consists first on finding a donor to support the operation, cut the tree, transport it to downtown, and resettle it by means of a crane. Afterwards, 30,000 lights attached to 8 km of wiring are to be installed from a 8-storey scaffolding covering the whole tree. In 2007, after being taken down, the tree was used as symbolic timber for Habitat for Humanity house construction.

Similar to a standard construction process of a building, but inverted: first the building is just transplanted from elsewhere, and only after it is completely erected, the scaffolding does appear to make it look nicer.

(image1> via ajorbahman´s collection) (images2-4> via examiner ) (image5> via lostnewyorkcity)

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