LOVELAND Micro-Real Estate is an initiative in Detroit to reactivate this shrinking city through international urban catalysts: the inch-vestors. By selling squared inches of property for $1 each, they create microhoods functioning as visitable park and garden spaces spread around the city and mirrored online. And all of a sudden, a whole city of voids is monitored like a reality-show of real-estate  investment.

In their statement: “Once you inchvest in the project you’re able to log into your land, fill out a profile, meet your new neighbors, and make plans for your space. What happens is an open-ended adventure, so expect surprises. (…) We believe the global network of the internet can be applied to hyper local development in powerful new ways.”

Everyone can participate in re-imagining the future of Detroit from now on. “The Inches are a powerful metaphor for units of measurement in a shrinking city. The project is a collaborative hybrid-reality experiment, with the idea being that the crisis faced by Detroit is so massive that an inch is a simple platform on which to build, the same way a seed can become a tree. (…) Loveland hopes that by starting small and growing exponentially, large-scale impact will become possible quite quickly. (…) In working with inches, for example, it became apparent that the maps being created for the micro-hoods looked like real city streets. There’s really no difference, at that scale, between an inch and a parcel with a house on it.
(source>Rita J. King for theHuffingtonPost)

(images>inchvestment maps via makeloveland)

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