snow desire lines

It is snowing in Berlin. -7°C today. Once the long unpicked autumn leaves are already gone, streets will be soon completely covered in white. Like every year, sidewalks will also be covered with tiny gravel, an ecological anti-sliding substitute to salt; an unpleasant room-mate for the whole season, attached to one´s shoes until spring blossoms.

Gravel is spread out on mostly transited paths, resulting in streets becoming eventually much narrower. It is hard to leave the safe path! Gravel has then the power of shrinking a city, of limiting our everyday walks…

And I find Nathan Abels´ photographs capturing aerial snapshots from cattle wandering trajectories in Colorado Estate. Moving towards their feeding troughs, animals also draw their desire paths. But in that case, food makes shortcuts clearly appear, as an attraction pole.  Their safest path is the shortest distance.

(images> snow desire paths by Nathan Abels via minutiae)

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