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Damon Zucconi´s piece Sólarsteinn / Fata Morgana is an application, which deletes the whole content of googlemaps, just leaving the names of every single place. Like the phenomena of optical illusions called “Fata Morgana” in the desert or in the sea, Zucconi speculates with the real existence of real locations:

“Seasoned explorers, vehemently insisting on what they had seen, set down mountains and islands on their charts where there was nothing but empty sky … Expeditions sent out later to verify these new lands sometimes saw the same fata morgana, further confusing the issue. Only by prolonging their arduous journeys, thereby observing a constant receding of the image, did they prove that the land was not there at all.” [source> Gentili Apri Gallery]

Hacking and perverting on-line maps applications makes one question the huge amount of information from interactive sites we are bombarded with everyday. In the same line, GlobalMove.Us by JODI is a constant mutation of googlemaps icons.

As Annet Dekker points out: “JODI are consciously concerned with raising technical standards for discussion, and modifying them. But rather than producing predictable results, JODI go a step further by employing the unpredictability in the use of software and playing with the expectation patterns of the viewer/user.”

thanks, álvaro!

[image1> fata morgana by damon zucconi via gentili apri] [images2&3> fata morgana optical illusions at the desert and the sea via wikipedia] [image4> JODI´s GlobalMove.Us via GentiliApri]

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