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In another post, I already talked about Chinese citizens using Ikea Stores in Shanghai and Beijing as a leisure public space. But these stores can also be used as guerrilla film-making spots. The soap opera Ikea Heights is a melodrama shot entirely in the Burbank California Store without the store knowing.

Started in 2009 by Dave Seger, Paul Bartunek, Delbert Shoopman, Spencer Strauss and Tom Kauffman, these series of 7 webisodes are shot with clear evidence of the general public passing by, or price labels hanging from every item. Actors need to be dressed while in bed, an office telephone is almost attached to the table, sets can easily change from a pillow factory to a private kitchen.

The lack of budget resorts to the everyday life, where amateur mistakes amplify the beauty of fantasy. This reminds me of a movie I enjoyed last week in a home-based itinerant film festival. The Movie (Cristina Blanco, Maria Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, Amaia Urra) was entirely shot and produced in 4 weeks in a single house; every object needs to be imagined as a symbol of preconceived reality: wardrobes become elevators, sponges turn into hamburgers, wool is used as laser rays, New York aerial view comes from a bunch of electronic circuits, and ironing griddles are landing airplanes…

Space is read according to its reader.

Maria Jerez – The Movie from Noorderzon on Vimeo.

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