sedimentary zoo

Dreamstones are imaginary landscapes on marble slices, which ancient Chinese nobility enjoyed identifying with similar real ones. A passion for finding hidden/esoteric stories in natural materials.

Several million years have passed since the Miocene and Anna Cornellá discovers that our contemporary buildings still keep trace evidence of that period alive. Sea urchins with spine holes on a street bench surface, crab creeping trajectories on a threshold, and giant corals hanging from a façade. After 10 years of field study and over 5,000 photographs, she has recently edited and condensed an Urban Fossils Guide of Barcelona featuring her best 120 exemplars.

“I see fossils where nobody else does”. Her vocation for paleontology has produced this open-source guide, which documents any trace of fossils on architectural building materials. Marbles and limestones are easy to track down in her everyday activity of fossil hunting. Barcelona, located by the sea, has countless constructions using stones coming from former marine landscapes. Animals which got trapped or died in a sandy or muddy bed have been cut through any arbitrary plane, so that a resulting cross-section of the fossil ends up in a vertical zoo hanging from an urban aristocratic façade.

And suddenly a tiny piece of an extinguished sea may appear on a wall; inert sedimentary materials that make their origin, age and former dwellers visible for us.

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