dakar is in america

Terrorist threat relocated the city of Dakar from West Africa to South America in 2009.

After 30 years of being the historic endpoint of the off-road automobile rally Paris-Dakar, safety rules obliged the route to move to desert land in Argentina and Chile. Seen by many detractors as a public display of post-colonialist power, it is still a beautiful way of temporary inhabiting a vacant territory. Ephemeral camp sites, evanescent sand landscape carving, provisional auditoriums for local audience, movable medical units and changeable transport nodes.

The menace made also the organization start a parallel Silk Way Rally across Russia. Their maps of the settlements where participants reside at every stage almost represent a visionary concept for future cities: small nomad communities with access to international media, supported by health infrastructure and connected to a landing track for both aeroplanes and helicopters.

[1-3> by Natascha Pisarenko via die Zeit] [4>by Natascha Pisarenko via boston big picture] [5-8>camp maps via silkway rally]

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