RGB (128, 24, 24) is also known as Falu Red, a traditional pigment out of silicates iron oxides from Falu Copper Mines. A recycling strategy that used to tinge every single timber construction across Sweden with the same tone. Black pine wood turns into black constructions amidst a Japanese forest. Brown mud extracted directly from the ground sculpts high-rise monoliths in Yemen. Pink gypsum coats dwellings from decay. Soil houses the site. Yellow river reeds build straw huts by the same river where they grew; houses are born out of plants. Green prairies extend over Scandinavian roofs covered with high-isolation wild turf. Sun radiation deflects from a white façade back to the street. Indigo blue keeps mosquitoes away. Sleeping underneath flowers. Architecture mirrors heat.

[1> BLUE Jodhpur, India via indiamarks][2> WHITE Casares, Spain][3> BROWN Shibam, Yemen via vitalcrazy][4> RED Åsgatan, Sweden via fotosedan][5> YELLOW Aussenkehr, Namibia via wilkinsonsworld][6> BLACK Tsumago, Japan via airliners][7> PINK Taleghan, Iran by MohammadEmdadi][8> GREEN Norway by Jessica Rose]

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