brothel caravans

Heidestraße is a strip of Berlin city opposite the main railway station. It is a high-speed artery separating a wild vacant lot awaiting next speculative big development on one side from a series of art galleries reusing warehouses on the other. But the street itself is being used as a parking place for brothels on wheels: sex between art and real estate. The Internet erotic portal BERLINintim supports the initiative of the caravan, where private model Tittenmaus Irma (40) offers her services:

“[…] you can find me from 22:00 till ? in my cosy caravan in Heidestraße in Tiergarten neighbourhood opposite house number 17 (just opposite Erika Reich-Beyer beverage market). Whenever I am inside, there is a small red umbrella hanging from the caravan. When I am free, the blinds are open and there is a light or a candle by the window […]”

Attracted by a legal gap and the fruitful business, the resulting fact is that it is possible to see a few other parked caravans next to Irma’s all along the street, keeping a minimum privacy distance, where visitors can park their vehicles.

thanks, anastasia!

[1> by Johann Zäch][2>by deconcrete2011]

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