in love with the Wall

Berlin and on-line based soso Magazine has just released an interview about one of my favourite phenomena: sexual attraction to urban objects, featuring the love story between Erika Eiffel (aka. Mrs. Berliner Mauer) and the Berlin Wall: A radical extreme of literally appropriating public space.

[Interview conducted by Jennifer Hofmann; photographs by Anastasia Loginova]:

“Erika’s objectum sexual – the sexual orientation of individuals engaged in romantic relationships with objects. Meaning, like your friend Benny can love boys, and your friend Andrea can love girls, your friend Alex can love his broomstick, or floorboard, or loudspeaker. Erika’s partner, her soul mate and love of her life, is the Berlin Wall. Now, this is not an easy object to love. It’s chipped, it’s graffiti-smeared, it’s crooked and it’s disappearing. It tore the city of Berlin – and the world – in two, ripped apart families, cost countless lives and helped define decades of a very chilly war.


Coming out publicly was kind of a disaster. There were certain pieces of media that really misrepresented what OS is about. The coverage was highly sexualized. Now people think that all OS people have no regard for decency, that we’re all severely traumatized or that they have to worry about us humping their garden fence or something. They kept comparing our sexuality to human sexuality. Yes, I may be intimate with my object, but not in the same way you might be. I mean, hello, a wall and a woman? The mechanics are not the same. What’s intimate for me is not necessarily intimate for you. It’s most likely completely innocuous to other people.


it is easier to love a beautiful object like the Eiffel Tower and take less criticism, but I don’t care what other people think. This is not about what’s beautiful. It’s about what’s beautiful inside of my heart. The Wall is the one I love. I am Frau Berliner Mauer.”

thanks, Anastasia!

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  1. Edward Smith

    “It is what it is beautiful within my heart.” I love that flow of awareness.
    Let it be.

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