golfer on the Moon

Astronaut (Rémi GAILLARD)

Simply by a change of perspective, the same context can be understood in many different ways. Humour and fun can twist space, and turn it into something else. A golf course can also be read as the Moon surface, by the fact of introducing a random astronaut on the lawn. Then, a golf player does not hit the flag inside a hole with the ball anymore, because the flag is not a golf flag, but the US flag on the Moon; there is a sudden shift in the mental perspective of the viewer.

When alien elements are introduced in a conventional setting, it is our imagination which teleports the whole hybrid to another dimension, far away from the ordinary context. A public elevator can be understood as a private cabin. Your balcony can also be the Pope’s one. It is only a matter of language and standard visual codes.

Rémi Gaillard has been fostering these re-interpretations of public space already for 10 years in his actions between flash mob and “urban terrorism“. His motto: C’est en faisant n’importe quoi, qu’on devient n’importe qui (it is by doing whatever that one becomes whoever).

Pac Man (Rémi GAILLARD)

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