everything has been photoshopped


A statue of the Virgin was turned into a personification of Justice, simply by removing the Christ Child and replacing him with scales.

Network artist Oliver Laric reinterprets Susan Sontag’s statement that just about everything had been photographed (1977), and proclaims that just about everything has been photoshopped. His video essay and statement on visual culture Versions (2010) also features the Iranian incident from 2008, where the Revolutionary Guards released an image with a digitally added missile. This resulted in an explosion of versions and speculations about the real amount of missiles that had actually been fired, at both official and informal level. Dozens of anonymous graphic jokes also explored fantastic and absurd re-combinations of missiles.

Versions coexist. […] Authenticity is decided by the viewer. […] In the telling and the retelling (of different interpretations), the people reveal not the action but themselves. […] We have an innate preference for the represented subject over the real one. Laric collects text fragments and squeezes them with collages out of images found in the Internet. In Versions, he shows resemblances between animation movies (Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Book or ET); different ways of reproducing Zidane’s kick incident; bootleg recordings of films; celebrities’ faces replacing porn actors’; as well as simultaneous visits to a modernist architecture icon in LA. Laric (also co-author of vvork platform) uses available Internet material for his remixes dealing with iconoclasm and iconography.

PN: How do you use stealing?

OL: Stealing creates a feeling of liberty because everything belongs to you while simultaneously causing stress as you have to constantly make restrictions what not to use.  (Oliver Laric interviewed by Peter Nowogrodzki for Incite!)

There are more books about books than any other subject.

[see also Oliver Laric’s Versions 2009]


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